Calcium Hypochlorite

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1. Product Name :

Bleaching Powder (Calcium Hypochlorite) Chemical Formula: Ca(ClO)2
2. Annual Production:
5000 ton
3. Application:
It can whiten pulp ,silk, cloth, fibre and starch.Dealing with the polluted water, and effective disinfectant public health,family sanitation, swimming pool,drinking water,vegetables,fishpond,sericiculture and ground.Disinfection dose of chemical poison and radioactive material.
4. Use Measures:
Mix 100 kgs of calcium hypochlorite 65% into 1 ton of water. The solution will be bleaching liquid at a density of 6.5% effective chlorine.Millionth disinfection liquid can be formulated by adding 1.7 grams of calcium hypochlorite 65% into 1 ton of water.
5.The characteristics of calcium hypochlorite as follow:
Efficent chlorine content is high , and Yearly Loss of Chlorine is low.Stability is well.Under the normal atmospheric ,it can be kept a long time ,annual loss rate is low.Solubility is high. It reacts with water form high density bleach liquid easily. Insoluble is little.
6. Product Technological Dat:

Index Name Good product
Effective Chlorine content ≥65%
Water content ≤3%
Annual loss rate 8%
Calcium Chlorine
Color White or light grey
Shape Powder, particle
Price Market price

7. Cautions in application:
Keep in a cool,dry, ventilated area. Distant from heat, and avoid drying in the sun.In transportation,protect against insolation,heat,moisture.Separate from incompatible combustibles,organic,oil or other acidic materials.Seal and collection should be taken in time when dealing with the packing damage or leakage.Curing skin burn use thin ammonia water .
8.Fire Flighting Measures:
Using Sand,Carbon dioxide,foam,and avoid general vitriolic fire extinguisher.


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